Saturday, October 16, 2010

Postgame Wrapup: Without Vaseline Edition

So Villanova ran train on Maine today to the tune of a 48-18 beatdown.

Here are some nuggets from the game
  • Chris Whitney became Villanova's first 300 yard passer since Frank Jankowski in 2005.
  • I literally cannot remember the last time a Villanova player had 5 total touchdowns.
  • Whitney almost had a career high in passing in the first half.
  • Norman White and Dorian Wells both had huge games. 
  • The coaches need to find ways to get Aaron Ball and Angelo Babbaro on the field at the same time, preferably offset or with Babbaro in the slot.
  • Meh performance by the defense, but they forced turnovers.
  • The Delco Times really took a dump on my new found credibility by saying that Matt Szczur was likely to play.
  • The TV announcers were just straight up bad.
  • I think this game was proof positive that the shackles need to come off the VU passing game. 
  • Mikey Reynolds is awesome.  Just straight up gangsta.
I'll get more on this when Villanova posts the stats on their shitty official website.

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