Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Well That Kinda Sucked, College Football Thoughts On a Monday

I'm lucky that I wasn't around to watch that game because I'm pretty sure i would have committed seppuku on myself.  I'm just glad that The Giants redeemed my weekend by giving Jay Cutler brain damage.

  • Let Chris Whitney throw the ball more!
  • Can't read too too much into this game because they were playing against a team desperate for revenge.
  • Get well soon Matt Szczur
  • Beat Maine!
  • Denard Robinson may have already locked up the Heisman Trophy.  The only person with a remote chance to beat him at this point is LaMichael James.
  • The U is finally back- Jacory Harris had a crappy game but they still beat Clemson in a hostile environment.  Really a testament to Randy Shannon as a football coach and as a leader of men.
  • Alabama should be unanimous number one.  Who else do they have to beat?
  • Villanova might be able to compete in the Big East now.
  • Like Brian said on VUHoops, I actually think that TCU to the Big East makes sense.
  • Notre Dame still sucks.


  1. Andy Talley can't hear you.. he has CAA and National Championship rings plugging his ears.