Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Year One: Post Scottie

Scottie Reynolds did wonderful things for Villanova basketball.  From leading The 'Cats to the Final Four to ending his career as the second leading scorer in school history, he was awesome.  Now, a new chapter must be written in Villanova history as Scottie has graduated and moved on after what seemed like a decade on the Main Line.

I am calling this season "year one" as it is truly a new era as there is a need to not only replace the production of those who left the program, but also to fill the leadership void left behind by Reynolds and Reggie Redding.  Last season, when things were falling apart,  I opined that this team may have been better off in the long run without Scottie because they became dependent on him and surely enough, once Scottie hit a slump the team just flattened out and became as flaccid as Brett Favre's member (better explained by Brian on VUHoops.)

I really don't know what to think in re: realistic expectations, because frankly the bar was set too high last year after a softy OOC schedule and high expectations from a final four team the previous season.  I hope for low expectations (although basically every "expert" is picking VU to win the Big East.)  This year is a critical season for Jay Wright, because the Final Four appearance two years really just made the fans thirsty for more success, and the highly ranked recruiting classes he's brought in only compounds any of the (subtle) pressure already on him.

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