Thursday, November 4, 2010

Keys to the Game- Villanova-Rhode Island Edition

On Saturday afternoon, the 6-2 (4-1) Villanova Football Team will head to the University of Rhode Island to try to improve their record to 7-2 (5-1) on the season.  While I could be nice and say that Rhode Island is "a team that is on the rise" or that they are "rebuilding," I'm simply not going to do it because the fact is that this is not a good football team and Villanova fans should be satisfied with no result other than pounding this team into the turf and winning by at least three touchdowns.

Okay, here's what i think Villanova needs to do to win:
  1. Show Up- Seriously.. this team is bad.  If Villanova brings its C- game and URI brings its A game, Villanova still might win.  You'll hear quotes talking about a hostile environment, traveling and other garbage, but the fact is that there will probably be 3,000 people in the stadium and a few hundred will be Villanova fans.  As long as The 'Cats don't drink copious amounts of alcohol the night before, they should win big.  Not that it means much, but Villanova is 14-2 all time against Rhode Island.  
  2. Avoid Turnovers- The only way i see this game being close is if The Rams win the turnover margin by two or more.  Luckily, VU is generally pretty good at protecting the ball so URI's defense will have to put on a virtuoso performance, especially since they're negative in the turnover margin for the season.  
  3. Score Touchdowns- Nick Yako has been pretty abysmal this year when he's tried kicking for three points, so it makes scoring touchdowns even more important because it's hard to count on someone who is missing field goals that used to be routine.
  4. Throw Early- I enjoy when the coaching staff gets aggressive and lets Chris Whitney air it out on early downs, and I hope that they aren't afraid to air it out on first and second downs.  With a stable of receivers including Norman White (who has a touchdown catch in the last five games,) Dorian Wells, Mikey Reynolds and others, Villanova's biggest strength this season has been throwing the ball down the field.  When VU establishes the pass, they are a very difficult team to beat.
That's it for this week.. I'll start with basketball soon, I promise.

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