Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Letter to The Villanova Football Team- PLEASE Beat Delaware

Dear Villanova Football Team,
I will forgo my normal "Keys to The Game" this week to make a plea to you.  The last two games have been a clusterfuck of everything that you haven't done for the past two seasons.  Turnovers, giving up big plays, ill-timed penalties, special teams mistakes, and a lack of energy out of the gate seem to have put this season into a tailspin.  If you win, you will have a very realistic shot at the playoffs, but if you lose you have no chance and will be sitting on your asses most likely watching another CAA team play for or win a national championship.  Delaware is a VERY good team, but they aren't so good that they cannot be beaten. 

Chris Whitney- You have cemented your place as the greatest quarterback in the Andy Talley era, if not the history of the program by winning games just like this one.  Do everything in your power to prevent your fantastic career from ending in Newark this Saturday.

Matt Szczur- Your senior year has been derailed by unfortunate injury, but you still have the opportunity to come back this week and do something heroic (something rather common in the Szczur file.)  Rest up, get treated and play as if nothing ever happened. 

To the rest of the team- don't let the fantastic start you got off to go to waste.  Take any opportunities you can to win this game and continue the season, because if you don't win, there will be blood you will have missed an opportunity to be something truly great.

Good Luck,


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