Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some More Clarity on The Football Situation

Recently, Brian from VUHoops.com reached out to Father Peter to get some more specifics as to a potential football upgrade

here is the gist of what is being considered from the horse's mouth:
The implications of a move from FCS to FBS
  • On our present Strategic Plan
  • On our Academic programming and the ratio of Athletic spending to Academic spending
  • The positive or negative effect on the question of National exposure
  • What effect it might have on our Basketball program
  • The need to upgrade playing and practice Facilities
  • Financial issues:
    • Our endowment in comparison to many who participate in the FBS
    • The increased cost of salaries and personnel
    • The necessary upgrade of women’s sports due to title IX requirements
    • Potential expenditures and revenues
So as you can see, nothing on that list is really earth shattering.  It's basically what any rational human being would consider because this after all is a big decision.  There is nothing about a timeline on there, so keep holding your breath and vocally stating that you are in favor of such an upgrade.

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