Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thoughts After Three Games

We've seen three games so far, and as expected Villanova's record is unblemished.  The first real challenge comes next Wednesday when they play UCLA at Madison Square Garden (with a game against Lafayette coming on Saturday.) 

Here's what i think i think i think after three games
  • Corey Fisher won't shoot under 28 percent from three all season, that number should correct itself.  
  • I'm not getting too excited about Maurice Sutton's performance against Marist.  It's a small sample against lesser competition.
  • I can't remember the last time that a Villanova point guard had 12 assists in a game.  Through three games, Maalik Wayns has 22 assists and only eight turnovers, not bad.
  • I've realized that I'll never be able to consistently count on Antonio Pena to do anything unless he does something to prove otherwise.
  • Mouph finally gives Villanova a shot blocker, something they haven't had in over a decade. 
  • Isaiah Armwood looks like his ears are stapled to the side of his head.
  • Stop saying that Cheek even looks like Kerry Kittles.. That's what you call placing unrealistic expectations on a 19 year old.
  • Defense at the beginning of a season!? ZOMG


  1. HAHA on the armwood mention.

  2. A decade without a shot blocker? how can you be forgetting the tin man? JASON FRASER!!!