Thursday, November 4, 2010

UCF.. Really?

The Big East has every reason to desire expansion beyond its current (undesirable) lineup of eight teams, but one of the names being floated around, University of Central Florida makes me scratch my head.  While producing solid NFL talent (Brandon Marshall, Mike Sims-Walker, Asante Samuel and Daunte Culpepper to name a few,)  UCF has been inconsistent at best in Conference USA, a "mid major" FBS conference and would offer next to nothing in any other sport, which would make them joining as a football only school the most likely scenario (see: Temple if you need convincing as to why this doesn't work.)

The conference needs to assess its priorities and see whether they're really desperate enough for the (mediocre) Orlando market and another team to accept a school with a questionable football (and academic) reputation to go along with the fact that they wouldn't be able to contribute anything in any other sports.  I would personally rather see Memphis or (especially) TCU join and I think UCF should be nothing more than an absolute desperation move.


  1. I respectfully disagree. Looking at UCF this year at 7-2 (5-0 C-USA), I think they could be better than a middling team in the Big East. Also, although maybe not great, I would argue that UCF is more marketable and has a better reputation than USF. The basketball team also gave Uconn a run for its money last year, so I wouldn't dismiss them completely from being competitive in basketball. All in all, I see your point about TCU being a better option from a football perspective, but in terms of long term viability I think UCF would be better.

  2. Of course TCU is a better football option, but the big east is expanding by 2, UCF is a better, more marketable choice than Villanova

  3. This post is precisely what's wrong with Big East thinking. In MLB terms, the Big East is not the Yankees. You aren't in a position to go out and attract the best free agents (ACC/SEC schools). You are the Rays. You must invest in your farm system and develop potential stars. The attributes for potential stars in collegiate sports consist of media market (TV money), student enrollment (future fan base), and a substantial and ongoing investment in sports (particularly football). UCF is a no brainer. Look at USF, who just beat Miami today. Give a school like Central Florida exposure to an AQ BCS league and they'll become a national player as well.

  4. An now UCF is a top 25 basketball team - something USF has never accomplished despite playing D1 basketball for 10 more years.