Friday, November 5, 2010

What are Realistic Expectations For Corey Fisher?

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From the rumors of the spring to the buzz of the summer, there is no doubt that Corey Fisher has had an eventful 2010.  Fish enters the 2010-11 season with very high expectations both nationally and among Villanova fan circles.  This made me wonder what expectations should realistically be for the senior guard from The Bronx.

Past Performance and Improvement
The best predictor of future performance is past performance.  In his first three years on the Main Line, Fish has improved his per game scoring average from 9.1 his freshman year to 13.3 last season.  It's safe to assume that this number will improve further with the graduation of Scottie Reynolds necessitating the replacement of that production. 
Offensive Role
Over the last few years, Villanova fans have been repeatedly teased by the (maddeningly) inconsistent play of Antonio Pena and the (at times) hot and cold shooting of Corey Stokes.  There is no question that Fish will see an increased number of looks, but there are some factors that could mitigate his potential scoring output.  I think the ultimate wild card in Fisher's ultimate scoring output is how well Mouph Yarou is able to score in the post.  If Mouph is able to score in double figures, then Fish may ultimate have the biggest impact handling the ball and dishing it into the paint.
Unforseen Factors
Newcomers are always a wild card on a sports team.  The question is always the speed in which they become acclimated.  JayVaughn Pinkston could see action early in the season, but James Bell has fallen victim to a pair of stress fractures in his legs that should slow down his ability to get minutes until well into the season.  An injury to an established player (Stokes or Pena) could force Fish into the unquestioned primary scoring role, which he would undoubtedly take advantage of.

I think that this team will be more of a scoring by committee type team, and that will limit Fish's ability to put up gaudy stats and get recognized on All-American teams.  I do have no question though, that Fish is the best player on Villanova and one of the better players in the country.  Temper your 22 point per game expectations folks, because this team will be more dangerous if they don't have to rely on one player.

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  1. Malik Wayns will outplay Fish this season. He's much quicker and more unselfish.