Monday, December 6, 2010

App State Players You Need to Know: QB DeAndre Presley

Nobody knew how Appalachian State would function this year without Armanti Edwards, who quarterback who led them to consecutive national championships, and became the first player to win the Walter Payton Award twice when he won it for the second consecutive season in 2009.  The answer to how The Mountaineers would function this season was answered definitively with the performance of Junior signal caller DeAndre Presley.  In 12 games this season, Presley has amassed nearly 3,300 yards of total offense and accounted for 34 touchdowns. While DP (parents, think about giving your kids unfortunate initials when you name them) as he will be referred to from now on is a dangerous runner, he is also 11th in the FCS in passing efficiency.  Stopping a dual-threat (that's scouting lingo for "black") quarterback is very difficult because you must respect both the arm and legs of a quarterback.  Villanova will probably attempt to spy Presley in hopes to contain him running the ball and hope that they won't get burned through the air. 

Tomorrow this feature will continue with wide receiver Brian Quick

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