Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Combing The Internet Doesn't Accomplish anything

It seems that every week, a new person (me included) comes out and says that they have privileged information about a potential Villanova football upgrade coming from a "rich uncle" or "someone close to the situation".  The fact is, that unless you're hearing it directly from a trustee, the information is unreliable at best.  In high stakes situations like this, opposing factions often put out false information in order to quell expectations/influence others.  I don't think many people really know about the results of a "straw poll" or anything along those lines, or if such a thing really took place.

Regardless of what you hear, keep the movement alive.  If it is ultimately voted down, get indignant (and if you're a student, go on a hunger strike or something.)  I will not shut up about this unless VU issues a report rejecting the Big East that is absolutely bulletproof.

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