Friday, December 3, 2010

The "Holy War" Means Nothing

Older Villanova fans eagerly wait for the St. Joe's game every year.  Why do they care? Nostalgia.  While this is the Super Bowl for The Hawks (and the St. Joe's student body who are 95% Nova rejects,) the average Villanova fan under the age of 50 views this game as just another annoyance on the road to the Big East  regular season.  The Big 5 is a tired institution that barely even has bragging rights attached to it at this point.  The City Series is a lose-lose scenario for Villanova, because they are expected to win it every year at this point and it's simply embarrassing if they're unable to finish the job.  Tradition is well and good, but what good is tradition if a huge sector of your fan base simply doesn't care about your "biggest" rivalry game. 

What to look for tonight:
  • I really don't expect anything other than a win.  A VU loss would be cause to commit seppuku as St. Joe's recently lost to Drexel
  • Pray that Corey Fisher doesn't play like an invalid again.
  • The sheen on Phil Martelli's head.
  • The MAC Championship Game.. just kidding.

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