Thursday, December 16, 2010

Keys to the Game: Villanova-EWU Edition

This is a season of firsts for Villanova.  It is the first time they get to defend a national championship, the first time they've made it to the playoffs three consecutive years, the first time they have won a road playoff game (two and counting,) and the first time they've made it to the semifinals in successive seasons.  On Friday night, The 'Cats will play Eastern Washington for the right to defend their championship.  The Eagles are already missing their All-American running back Taiwan Jones for the semifinal match up and will have to rely on a couple of inexperienced backups to shoulder the ground game.  This is a very winnable game, but complacency is not acceptable. 

Here are the keys to the game:
  1. Harass Their Receivers- Without Jones, the EWU passing game will have to shoulder the load.  Since the VU pass rush has been suspect at best, the best hope is to make the opposing receivers dread making plays over the middle.  Limiting yards after the catch will be paramount.
  2. Capitalize on Mistakes- EWU quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell threw 33 interceptions in less than two full seasons at Southern Methodist, so it would be safe to say that he's turnover prone.  If Mitchell makes ill advised throws in this game, it is imperative that Villanova makes him pay. 
  3. Play Villanova Football- Luckily for Villanova, their brand of football works in all conditions.  In all likelihood it will be cold and windy with a possibility of snow, which works in our favor.  Solid defense and a ball control offense are paramount when the conditions are less than ideal.  
  4. Ignore the Red Turf- Because it's just obnoxious.


  1. I've read a lot of blogs so far about this game. It is true the t jones is out for ewu....(probably the best rb in the country). Villananova is probably the favorite....blah blah blah blah!!! This is why i love 1aa football. We have the playoff system to decide who goes to the national championship...period! No guess work, just teams beatin the crap out of each other to see who's number one. God help you Villanova....your gonna need it!!

  2. CAA???? I love reading blogs from worthless fans who assume that a team is going to win based on there past performances. I don't think anybody took into fact that Villanova was traveling across the country. No respect given to the big sky. Serves you right! The pussycats are goin home with a black eye! GO EAGS!!!!

  3. Hey Anon from 12/18. Just wait until you have to leave the confines of that stupid looking field in the middle (or left out) of nowhere. Villanova played four weeks in a row on the road while EWU hasnt left home. Wait until the Hens get a hold of you and the CAA will beat the sky for the second year in a row.

  4. HAHAHA! I will give you that, cheney is in the middle of nowhere! I was just pissed because EWU was getting bashed pretty hard by the east coast fans. It will be a showdown in Frisco. I believe your right.....gonna be a different playing field down there in barbeque country. I can assure you this: the coaching staff for EWU will have a good game plan. The screamin eags will devour that stupid mascot they call a blue hen!!!