Friday, December 10, 2010

Keys to Villanova-Appy State

Tomorrow at noon, Villanova will head to Kidd Brewer Stadium in Boone, North Carolina to face Appalachian State.  This is a match up of great intrigue as the two teams in this game represent four of the last five FCS national championships (three of those belonging to Appalachian State.)  Aside from the pedigree of the two teams, both teams feature high powered spread offenses and dynamic play makers on defense.

Here are my keys to tomorrow's game
  1. Stay at Home- Blitzing hasn't been working and containing quarterback DeAndre Presley must be paramount.  Since Presley runs like he's a tailback, Villanova must find a way to keep him contained and force other players to beat them.  Villanova saw with Rodney Landers two years ago that if you blitz a running quarterback and miss a tackle in the backfield, he can easily turn it into a 20 yard game.  Rush four at most and keep the rest in coverage.  
  2. Don't Get Caught Up in The Moment- It will be a raucous environment in Boone, one that The Wildcats have never seen before, even at Delaware.  Now is not the time to get stupid and start making dumb mistakes that cost teams games. 
  3. Win The Turnover Battle- The single biggest factor in last week's thumping of Stephen F. Austin was the turnover margin.  The muffed punt recovered by Villanova was the turning point of the game.  Without that turnover, Villanova very well could have lost that game. 
  4. Run The Ball- It's cold outside and that means that it's time to run the ball.  Appy gives up 160 rushing yards a game, something that bodes well for VU.  With a healthy Matt Szczur and a stable of running backs including Aaron Ball and Angelo Babbaro, Villanova will try to pound it at The Mountaineers.  That should set up the passing game for Chris Whitney and give the team a better chance at winning.  
Let's do this..

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