Friday, December 3, 2010

Keys to Villanova-Stephen F. Austin

The Road to The Repeat

Before last Sunday, all i knew about Stephen F. Austin was that it's in Texas and they have some quarterback who puts up gaudy statistics.  Since then, I've learned that it's in Nacogdoches, the quarterback is named Jeremy Moses, and they're pretty good.  I don't think that this is some unclimbable mountain, because i think on a day where both teams played their best, Villanova would come out on top.  This will be the healthiest that The 'Cats have been since the first game of the season and it's safe to assume that they'll be ready to play tomorrow afternoon despite the layoff.   

Here are the keys to the game
  1. Play Like You're at Home- Andy Talley is 0-6 in his career on the road in the playoffs.  This is probably the best road matchup that Villanova has ever had in the playoffs under TalleyVU must get up for the game without psyching themselves out too much.  With a veteran team like this, i think they'll be okay.
  2. Don't Blitz if it's Not Working- Moses, the quarterback for SFA is pretty good and the last thing that Villanova needs is for him to have all day to throw the ball.  The Wildcat defense should blitz early to see if it works and if it doesn't, stop blitzing and drop eight guys into coverage.  Any spread passing coach would rather face a blitzing team because it opens up the door for big plays after the catch.  If The Lumberjacks (such a gay nickname) can throw the ball at will, they will be very difficult to beat.
  3. Score Touchdowns- Villanova kickers cannot be counted on to do much of anything, therefore touchdowns are of the utmost importance.  
  4. Win the Turnover Battle- Every game this team has lost this year was the product of turnovers one way or another.  I'm confident that if Villanova wins the turnover battle, they'll win the game.  You cannot give an explosive offense like Stephen F. Austin extra opportunities to score.
  5. Just Win Baby

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