Saturday, December 4, 2010

What Happened to the Perimeter Game?

Shooting Blanks
Before this season, 29% is a figure that i thought i was most likely to see on an English exam taken by a Kentucky recruit.  Through twelve games this season however, Villanova has been unable to find any kind of rhythm from behind the three point line and as a result they are shooting a paltry 29% from downtown.  It is early in the season and we are still working on a small sample size and no team in the Jay Wright era has shot under 34% from three point range over a full season, but seven games is enough to identify disturbing trends.  Most alarming about this trend is the fact that Big East season and the most difficult games of the season have yet to come along.

Interesting (or alarming if you're a pessimist) nuggets about the shooting ineptitude-
  • Corey Stokes is leading the team in three point percentage at 38%. That would be the lowest number since his freshman season when he was a bit player.
  • I cannot believe how poorly Corey Fisher has been shooting.  Fisher is shooting just under 23% from beyond the arc.  I have an idea for you Fish- TAKE IT TO THE BUCKET! 
  • Dominic Cheek is the only player other than Stokes converting more than 30% of his three point opportunities.
  • Maalik Wayns should just stop taking outside shots.  He's 5-30 on the season from beyond the arc (16.7%.)  I think someone should remind him that he's not a shooter.
  • I miss you Scottie.
  • This team must develop a perimeter game to be competitive later on in the season.  If they don't, they will be spectators come March.
With Penn (a bunch of athletically challenged white kids) on the horizon, this team has ample opportunity to stop this garbage.

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