Sunday, January 9, 2011

Brilliant First Half, Ugly Second Half, but Villanova Wins

Fish lit it up in the first half but was plagued with foul trouble in the second half.  The 'Cats Still held on to win by 11, 72-61.

Here's What Happened:
  • Every Villanova starter had four personal fouls.
  • VU looked like they had the game put away at half, but Cincinnati never gave up.
  • Mick Cronin looks like Corky from Life Goes On
  • Cheek needs to play more than Pena.. I'm so tired of Tone.
  • If I ever see Isaiah Armwood handling the ball on the perimeter two straight possessions again, I will throw a brick through the front entrance of the Davis Center.
  • Ibrahima Thomas is a moron.
  • This is a big win against a decent team.. it was a very losable game. 
  • 45 straight wins on campus.
  • Stokes cooled off.
  • Corey Fisher seems to finally be heating up.
  • Maalik Wayns made a three!
  • Mouph- Step ya game up.


  1. pena is actually one of the most consitant players on this villanava team this year, im not sure who you are watching, or the reason for your hatred for pena but he deserves much more respect than you give him. he plays solid d, knows how to pass the ball, and can hit the 16 ft jumper this year. mouph is the most unconsistant player on the floor

  2. i get on pena because he has a basketball iq of zero and really hasn't developed the mental aspect of his game since he stepped on campus. i would much rather he play well, but i'd rather have mouph play because of his upside and the fact that he has two more years.