Saturday, January 8, 2011

Epic Twitter Conversation RE: Villanova Football

Thanks to myself contributors emeritus The Voice and Shit Starter extraordinaire plus our pal (and resident Villanova blogosphere legal eagle) Brian (#VolvoS60) over at  So anyways tonight was the sight of an epic twitter conversation regarding the past, present, and future of Villanova football.  Beware, the chronology is a little shaky.

So Basically this all started when The Voice committed a secondary recruiting violation by contacting a QB target who made him get a boner because he reminded him of Chris Whitney.

Mr. Fancy Pants Lawyer stepped in and warned our who has yet to be replaced on the PA system at the Pavilion.

So then those two realized that Villanova has a bit of a crowded quarterback situation for next year with all of the committed recruits plus Dustin Thomas, and thus i was summoned (huzzah!)

I posted about Villanova commit Chris Polony's questionable senior season, and the monster season by fellow VU commit John Robertson.

Voice noticed that the kid he illegally contacted is from Kentucky, outside of Villanova's normal pipeline.

I backed up my reputation by remembering that former Villanova Fullback DeQuese May is from Kentucky as well.  I also noted that the logjam at QB could be the result of a potential switch of positions.

Brian shot back with a knowledgable assessment of the difference between Polony and Robertson in relation to their styles of play.  To this I made an uneducated, nonprofessional prediction for Polony.

At this point, the conversation turned to a potential move up (where it really got interesting.)  I opined that the decision in 97 should have been a slam dunk, but Fr. Dobbin was against it.

Gene DeFilippo's lack of a constitution, and Brian wondering aloud if the current President/AD would be any better.

My fears about Father Peter, and lack of a clue about Nicastro, plus a Steve Lappas reference.

Brian on Jay's deafening silence re: football.

Differences between Lappas and Jay.. Father Peter's strategery.

Whether or not there are underlying race issues preventing anything from happeningMy take on the bullshit use of "changing campus culture".

Matsuflex/Ross Condon's Skullcap hops in and starts to make veiled threats

I make an observation that the vast majority of female scholarship athletes are white to debunk the racial tide change, reference the three-fifths compromise and then promptly apologize.

My idea for an organized student event, and summoning Chris Bellotti to organize it.

A suggestion to "go all unabomber".

That's basically it.. If you want to see anything, go to the respective twitter accounts of the people in the conversation at hand.


  1. I love the Belotti comment

  2. yeah, i was particularly proud of that one