Saturday, January 22, 2011

Villanova Beats Syracuse 83-72- Postgame Thoughts

Suck it Central New York Work Release Center
 Today in upstate New York in front of a near record crowd, Villanova beat Syracuse Correctional Center 83-72 and remained in control (despite a few tense moments at various points) for pretty much the entire game.

Here are my thoughts-
  • Maalik Wayns had 17 points in the first half, but he disappeared in the second half.  It was nice to see him make a couple threes, but he needs to quit while he's ahead.
  • Corey Stokes hit some ridiculous shots.  He won't win any national awards, but his play has been the biggest reason that this team has been good.
  • Corey Fisher is finally in a groove.
  • The person who was most responsible for allowing Villanova to kill the zone was Antonio Pena.  His ability to spot up on those jump shots completely ruins everything that Jim Boeheim tries to accomplish by running the zone.
  • While part of it was luck, Maurice Sutton put in some quality minutes and wound up actually making an offensive impact.
  • The stat sheet won't tell this story, but Mouph did a great job of marginalizing the interior game of The Orange.
  • It was nice to see Dominic Cheek playing so soon after hurting his knee.  I was very pessimistic when he went down in the Maryland game and didn't return.
  • Villanova has been half of the equation in the three largest on campus crowds in college basketball history.  That is why this is an underrated rivalry. 
  • Suck it Syracuse.
That's all for right now. 

What to look for in the next week
  • More basketball shit.
  • National Signing day for football is this coming Wednesday.
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