Saturday, January 15, 2011

Villanova Wins 74-66

It was a frustrating day for Mouph
Villanova survived a scare when they came back from a 12 point second half deficit to win by eight over Maryland.   The 'Cats took the lead for good on a 19-0 second half run, during which Corey Fisher scored eight of his 17 points.  Maalik Wayns led The 'Cats with 22 points despite his continued abysmal three point shooting.  Isaiah Armwood finished with six points and 13 rebounds in only 22 minutes of action.  For The Terps, Jordan Williams seemed unstoppable for most of the game with a game high 25 points and 13 rebounds.

Here are my thoughts:
  • Maalik really needs to stop jacking up threes.  He's hovering right around the Mendoza Line from the perimeter at this point (unacceptable).
  • Antonio Pena had probably his best game of the season.  That nifty mid range jump shot he has learned somehow could come in handy against a zone team like Syracuse.
  • Mouph had an abysmal game offensively, but VU was still able to win.  That's a good sign that they can beat a somewhat solid team with no contribution from Yarou.
  • I hope Dominic Cheek is okay.  Leaving in the first half with a knee injury and not returning is a bad sign.
  • I did not miss Mo Sutton at all in that game.  He's simply a sinkhole on offense.
  • Williams is a pro.  He was a force for most of the game.

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