Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wanted: Accountability


Any of those terms would be proper adjectives to describe the recent performance of the Villanova basketball team.  This is a team without direction, and things only seem to be getting worse.  When searching for answers it's easy to blame the coach, Maalik Wayns an individual player, the officials, or the fans, but this seems to be a much larger problem, one that is not new to this program.

Since the graduation of Dante Cunningham, Dwayne Anderson, and meek millz Shane Clark, there has been a distinct lack of accountability that has seeped into the very core of the program.  Several embarassing incidents since 2009 have demonstrated that there is a lack of accountability in the program from the top down, and Olive Oyl's recently difficulty re: rule-following doesn't help the cause much.

I don't care much about wins and losses at this point, and I'm not looking to point fingers. I just want accountability.  I want someone (player or coach) to push the chips to the middle of the table and challenge this team to reach its potential because there is no doubt as to the talent that they possess.

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