Monday, February 14, 2011

Don't Donate to Villanova Unless They Move Up in Football

Villanova must be convinced that any action they take that is not moving up to the Big East  in football would be a losing proposition.  I love Villanova, and I have loved Villanova for as long as I can remember, but if they do not upgrade the football program, not only will I never donate a cent to the school; I will encourage others to withhold donations as well.

As seemingly thousands of people (and myself) have said before, Villanova's most important asset is their basketball team, and that team is only valuable as long as they're in a power conference.  If VU does not pull the trigger, we risk exposing our basketball team and seriously threatening the momentum that the school has built up academically.  Even if you don't care about football, you must understand that basketball would be seriously threatened without making this move, and this is why I implore Villanova fans to tell the University that you will not donate a penny in the future if they decide against moving up.


  1. Typical sports fan who wants to cry and stomp his feet because he didn't get his way or his team lost. No one cares about your meaningless threats against Villanova. The University doesn't give a damn about cheap frauds who are part of the over 80% of alumni that don't currently give regularly to the school.

    Everyone is sick of the sappy whining.
    blah blah..they will ruin our basketball program. Jay will leave us and we will never get another coach. No one will want to come here and play for Villanova. We must force our undersupported football program to be tied down to the Conference USA schools that are taking over Big East Football while other Big East football programs beg & plead to get invitations out of the conference.

    The Villanova Board and the Administration will do what is best for the University. Despite your uninformed statements to the contrary, Villanova Basketball is not entirely propped up and solely dependent on the BIG EAST Football schools.

    Maybe when this matter is finally put to rest in April in the best interest of the University, you will summon up some real courage to actually discuss the alternatives in a rational manner rather than continue your impetuous crying & feet kicking.

    Flame away, it's your blog and a number of Villanovans get a good laugh reading it.

  2. get bent. where was i whining in there?