Sunday, February 6, 2011

Fact on Villanova Sports Super Bowl Betting Guide

Okay it's Super Bowl day.  Everyone knows that the least interesting part about the game isn't the game itself, but other little things within the game like commercials and reckless gambling.  I will give you my guide to some prop bets along with my pick against the spread.

How many times will FOX show Jerry Jones? The over/under is 3.5, the over is favored at -145.  This is an easy one, pick the over, Fox loves Jerry Jones and Jerry Jones is a whore. I think Jerry will be interviewed on camera at least twice.

How many times will Brett Favre be mentioned during the game? The over under is 2.5, with the under favored at -140.  Whoever set that line stands to lose a lot of money because Brett Favre will be mentioned at least five times in the first half.

Will a player attempt a Lambeau Leap during the Super Bowl? No favored line- go with yes.

Which team will win the coin toss? No favorite, but pick the Steelers because the NFC has won 13 straight coin tosses.

Finally, take The Packers against  the spread (-3) because they haven't lost a game by more than four points and have won six games in a row in which Aaron Rodgers played the entire game.

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