Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Its been a bit slow today at the firm, so naturally I've been trolling the internet for Villanova Basketball news. While there is no news to speak of, here's a few videos from ESPN gearing up for Saturday.

First, Rece Davis is pumped about GameDay finally coming to Philly.

Hubert Davis thinks we play all of our games at Wachovia/Wells Fargo, but loves the fact that we are playing at the Pavillion for GameDay and thinks this will be the best game of the year for GameDay.

This picture is from the voting for best sign from last week:

I have never met that man in my life, but props to him for using my celebrity to get him on ESPN.

A few more notes:

- I am so disappointed I'm not going to be there. I may be even more disappointed that the new wannabe Bluemans are going to be there. Its a disgrace that those jabronees who cut eyeholes in their suits and are probably going to be on GameDay and probably won't be nearly as drunk as I would have been.

- While I love that Pavillion, I wish there would have been some upgrades made to the place so it would appear a little nicer on TV(ie: when the hell are we going to upgrade that jumbo scoreboard and get an actual jumbotron? We're a perennial top 10 team, our facilities should reflect that). Also, I hope that the administration/staff of the Pavillion have realized that they will need to throw the "No Signs in the Pavillion" rule out the window for GameDay. How PITTiful (pun intended) will we look on GameDay if no one in the crowd had a single sign? My last experience with this was on the night Scottie scored his 2,000th point and I had held up my "Scottie 2 Hottie" sign for no more than 5 seconds before security was on my blue ass. I hope that is not the same outcome for students on Saturday.

- Lastly, there should be multiple Giant Head posters in the crowd and these should all be included: ME (The One, the ONLY, the Original, BlueMan), VillaGnome, Jay Wright, Father Peter, Mouph and possibly a Matt Sczcur wearing a Cubs hat.


  1. Also, Apparently I haven't been on lately because that first video is right there on the GameDay central page. Oh well.

  2. signs allowed for GameDay, but not the game.

  3. no signs is just another reason that Villanova is gay as AIDS