Sunday, February 13, 2011

How I'd Fix The Pavilion

The Students are NOT the Problem
Last night it was glaringly obvious that the majority of Villanova's fans over the age of 50 are absolutely incapable of cheering The 'Cats in in a manner any louder than a golf clap.  The difference between the morning and night yesterday was about as glaring as it can possibly be, and the ESPN broadcast team actually called the VU crowd out.  Part of the problem is the small capacity of The Pavilion, and another is the horrific configuration of the place.  The fact is that the fan base has outgrown the venue, and that even in its current configuration, students are vastly underrepresented and disenfranchised.  I'll never forget Hoops Mania 2007, my sophomore year, when I was one of hundreds of students locked out of The Pavilion after waiting in line for well over an hour on a cold and rainy night.

Last night's despicable Showing is proof that some type of action needs to be taken by the powers that be at Villanova to improve the atmosphere on campus.  I have some suggestions:
  1. Increase student ticket allocation- The fact that less than a quarter of Villanova undergrads are able to attend a given on campus game is pretty crappy.  1,500 students is not nearly enough in a crowd of 6,500.  I'm sure that students would be willing to pay for tickets if they were guaranteed a better shot at getting them through the lottery.
  2. Move the student section- The obvious model here is Duke.  Why is Cameron Indoor Stadium so tough for road teams? One of the reasons is that Duke is generally pretty good on the court, but the fact that the student section is right on top of the action cannot be understated.  Villanova should do the same thing.  I know that there is a risk of pissing off some alumni, but the students are the most important part of the deal, both on the court and in the stands.
  3. Sell Alcohol- Not going to happen, but it would work!
That's all I have to say about this for now, but something needs to change quickly.  The Pavilion can be a special atmosphere, but the old people cannot continue to sit on their hands and water down the gameday atmosphere.


  1. Simple solution... Play every home game at the Wells Fargo Center

  2. wouldn't work for some of the early games or some of the lesser profile Big East teams.

  3. so you will be watching from the outside when you graduate...
    Also the alcohol thing will never fly that just plain degrades your points....

    go back to the drawing board and this time put some thought in to the problem.

  4. the alcohol thing was obviously not serious.. and i have no problem watching games on tv.

  5. ticketholdersarepatheticFebruary 14, 2011 at 3:57 PM

    Agreed. Even at the Pitt game the student section had to cheer for a solid couple minutes for only A FEW ticket holders to "stand up and cheer".


    the fact that the entire student section is chanting to stand up and no one in the pavillion does, is pathetic.

    I agree - cheer or gtfo.

    We don't want you sucking the energy out of the game, and frankly you're embarrassing to represent the Pavillion, Nova basketball, and Villanova in general.

    Clean your act up, ticket holders. Or give it up to the students. We all WANT to participate in the game. We WANT to cheer. We are paying MONEY to see these games and cheer.
    If you get pissed off by cheering, you're not meant to be NEAR the Pavillion. Why buy season tickets if you're going to get angry at students for cheering? Get some spirit or get out.