Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Managing Expectations

Last night was awful. It was pitiful, terrible and ugly. Stokes was the only person who could really score and was the only person to hit a three. Nova's last two possessions were embarrassing, the team had no idea what to do, no plan, no hope, no direction. And the DePaul game wasn't much better.  Yet some people still think this team is going to make it to the Sweet Sixteen or Elite Eight? People need to wake up and realize this team just isn't that good. Their only really good wins are at Syracuse and home against Louisville, their only notable OOC wins came against UCLA and Maryland, wins which in the past would have looked great, but this year came against low quality teams.  Sure we have played UConn, Pitt and Georgetown close but we still lost all those games. The fact is, Nova will struggle to win any of their 3 remaining games with St. John's being the best chance. It is frustrating to watch because, at times, it seems the talent is their, but this team is mentally not good enough to make a deep run in the tournament and its time for people to realize that before getting upset in March.  To make everyone feel a bit better, I give you Candice Swanepoel, a smoking hot South African model for Victoria's Secret. More pics after the jump.


  1. Agree most likely this team wont make a deep run unless our outside shooting turns around and we get hot at the right time. On the other hand, most top 20 teams have major concerns this year so whoever is hot and healthy come march can make some noise. Don't take this the wrong way but our '85 team had similar reg season. Similar team makeup too.

  2. Hey Anon from 9:19 pm, you can't put this team in the same paragraph as the 85 team. This team is the least cerebral team of any that we've had going back to the 70s. They play dumb, can't defend, lack quality wins and completely lack the leadership that the 85 team.

    Other than a poor loss at Pitt to end the season, the 85 team 5 lost of 10 games to teams ranked 1 and 2 that year with 3 others being to Syracuse, BC and Pitt.

    This team has front-loaded its schedule with pansies to get to 21 wins. They need to perform over the next 2 weeks to even get into the NCAAs as there will be a push not to allow 10 or 11 Big East teams into the big dance. The 85 team was tested early and throughout and matured into the team they did because of these tests.