Thursday, February 3, 2011

Villanova Beats Marquette and Associated Awesomeness

How could you say no to a face like that?
As all of you should know by now, Villanova snapped a three game skid last night by hanging on to beat Marquette 75-70.  Mouphtaou Yarou led the way with a game high 18 points, while all four of the others on Villanova's "best five" (what I have decided to call them since Maalik Wayns hasn't started the last two games) scored in double figures; including 17 points for Corey Fisher.  The Golden Eagles were paced by Jimmy Butler and Darius Johnson-Odom, each of whom had 15 points.

My other thoughts/some extra nuggets are after the Jump

  • I really like it when the free throw line is our friend (29-33 or 87.9 percent),  because it was a complete bitchlord to us last season.
  • Where's James Bell you ask? to that silly question i have only one response: Who is James Bell? I have never heard of any player named James Bell.
  • Villanova cannot expect to shoot 19 more free throws than the other team in games down the road.  So that means to play better basketball.
  • Congratulations to Antonio Pena on going over 1,000 points for his career last night.
  • Where was Cheek?
  • Of interest, Ken Pomeroy's computer rankings still like Villanova.  The 'Cats are currently the 12th best team using his formula.
  • The front court reserves really need to figure out a way to contribute SOMETHING offensively.  As much as I hate Tone at times, if either he or Mouph were to get injured, it would be far more devastating than any other player on the team going down.
  • I love that Jim Boeheim had to shoot down an obviously bullshit story regarding point shaving at Syracuse.  No surprise at Boeheim's reaction because everyone knows that he is in fact a dickhead.  If you didn't know that he's a dickhead, just watch one of his press conferences.  If you need more proof that he's a dickhead AFTER watching one of his press conferences, i suggest you show up at the Syracuse basketball facility and tell him that you're there to give one of his players a surprise drug test.
  • I can literally count on one hand number of people I know who actually care about hockey, but two things of interest from last night..  The first is that Mike Richards, Dan Carcillo, James van Riemsdyk, and Claude Giroux of the Flyers were at the game last night.  The second is this awesome fight between Rick DiPietro of the New York Islanders and Brent Johnson of The Pittsburgh Penguins.  All I can say to DiPietro after seeing that is this.
Alright that's all for me right now.  I shall be around more throughout the day.
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