Saturday, February 5, 2011

Villanova Kills WVU

Where is James Bell?
I expected Villanova to win yesterday, but I did not expect them to thoroughly dominate.  I thought that West Virginia was a good enough team that it would be at least a close finish.  I was wrong. While the first half was ugly, VU came out inspired in the second half and got the job done.

Here are my thoughts
  • I really don't understand why Isaiah Armwood is starting.  I offer more on the offensive end than he does.  Put him in as an energy guy off the bench. 
  • This team actually plays defense!
  • Stop the Maalik Wayns/Kyle Lowry comparisons immediately people.  Such comparisons accomplish absolutely nothing and Leek isn't anywhere close to the player Kyle was.
  • Free James Bell!
  • I still love Mouph.
  • Thank God that Maurice Sutton got almost no playing time.  The performance of the team yesterday offers yet more proof that he's below replacement level.
  •  Stokes needs to step his shit up.
That's all for this game.. more to come later this week in the run up to Rutgers.

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