Thursday, February 10, 2011

Well That Sucked

This has to be the first, and only, time I'm glad that Cablevision doesn't carry ESPN3 because had I been watching that game live there's a very good (like 100%) chance I would have smashed my computer into a million little pieces. While I could focus on things like the fact that there was an illegal inbounds, the clock didn't start on time and that the foul on Fish was a weak call at best, the fact is Villanova should not be in that situation against Rutgers.  So I felt like today NovaNation could use a little pick-me-up in the form of Esti Ginzburg.  Check after the jump for more Jewish Sexiness.


  1. I like the direction this is heading

  2. Worst Villanova meltdown covering the Massimino, Lappas and Wright eras. Never has a Villanova team been up 10 that late in the game and given it away. NEVER. This team has the lowest basketball IQ of ANY Villanova team EVER. Who gives up 6 threes down the stretch and fouls as the shot is going up (instead of in the backcourt)? Terrible. This team is going nowhere.

  3. wow i like the magazine with the hebrew on it.. also never use the term "nova nation" again.. it too closely resembles "red sox nation" and "stiller nation"