Thursday, March 31, 2011

Upgrade/Riot Countdown- 12 is For Kirk Schulz

Quarterback 1986-1989

A 6-3 190 pound four year starter, Kirk Schulz was the second quarterback in the Andy Talley era;  the first quarterback to lead Villanova onto the field against exclusively 1-A competition; and the first quarterback to start a playoff game.

Schulz currently sits at second all-time in career passing yards at Villanova with 9,676, third all time in touchdowns with 74, and third in career total offense with 9,261 yards.  Schulz also holds the single season and career interception marks with his 22 picks in 1989 and the 73 he threw in his career.  At the time of his graduation, he held just about every conceivable passing record in school history (then Chris Boden came along and broke just about all of them). 

However, all of that statistics garbage means very little in very little in this exercise..  I was determined to get Kirk Schulz on this list, and the only reason I spent multiple hours scouring the internet trying to find a picture of him is the fact that he and my uncle were teammates.

Football: Union Exec Not Giving Hints Regarding PPL Park

In an article featured in today's edition of the Delco Times, Philadelphia Union CEO Nick Sakiewicz was tight lipped about Villanova and PPL Park.  He seemed decidedly neutral as to the uses of the Chester stadium by Villanova and other organizations.

Here's what Sakiewicz said (after the jump):

For now, according to Sakiewicz, PPL Park is only for football. That’s, um, futbol — not the one with quarterbacks.

Asked for an update on talks between the Union and Villanova University, which had expressed an interest in using the Chester stadium as a home for its football team, Sakiewicz said Wednesday there was no progress to report.

“We have had conversations with them, but I’m not prepared to give a progress update. No decision has been made,” Sakiewicz said. “We’ve said it from the very beginning — this building is, first and foremost, a Philadelphia Union building. The seats in this building won’t change color. But in the modern day of running stadiums, you have to look to do other events.”

PPL Park will host the USA Sevens Collegiate Rugby championship in June and the NCAA men’s lacrosse quarterfinals in 2012.

Sakiewicz said deals to host other college events as well as musical acts could be forthcoming.

And as for Villanova, well, it’s not so simple.

The Wildcats’ season coincides with the conclusion of the Union’s. So maintaining the turf’s quality and affixing the schedules accordingly remain the biggest obstacles.

“American football is something we can play in this building and, if the right opportunity comes along to do that, we will,” Sakiewicz said.

A few thoughts of my own:
  1. I hate snobby douchebags from America who refer to soccer as "football". 
  2. Rugby is probably just as damaging, if not more damaging to grass as Football is.
  3. Lincoln Financial Field doesn't seem to have too much of a problem with its "pitch" despite the fact that it hosts two football teams with concurrent seasons as well as the Army-Navy game every other year or so.
  4. Sakiewicz is an unfortunate last name..  Although I'm sure that Nick is happy that his parents didn't name him Harry Sakiewicz.
  5. The MLS still doesn't seem like real soccer to me.. I don't know why.

How is John Calipari so Dumb?

Letting an NBA owner into your locker room=retarded.  And it looks like Jay-Z is the one who is going to end up in trouble.

Dear NCAA,

John Calipari is a cheater.. try investigating it.


People with eyes

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Football Club Taking a Laissez-Faire Approach

An article today in the Philly Daily News suggests that the Villanova football club is not getting too involved in the discussions regarding a move to the Big East.  They generally support the move, but their approach aside from sending a letter seems somewhat limited.

From the article:
The Wildcats are coming off a 3-year run in which they reached the national quarterfinals in 2008, won the championship in 2009 and lost in the semifinals last December. And while Condodina's group favors the move, it wants to see the program continue to do good things regardless of what the trustees determine is the best fit going forward.
"We have sent a letter to the board, last week, voicing our support for the decision," Condodina said. "But our stance is, we're trying not to get too politically involved. We do endorse the move, although what's more important is we endorse the overall success of the football program, whether the decision is I-A or I-AA.
I don't know what can be drawn from this, but I do know that I would like the majority to be of the unsilent type rather than rolling over and accepting whatever decision is made.  The fact is that this should not be a difficult decision as the Big East is undoubtedly a better situation than what Villanova currently has in the CAA, especially with the numbers being thrown around for the new Big East TV contract. If Villanova does not move up it is unacceptable, and the administration should hear that from its stakeholders (fans).

Maalik Wayns Is Staying at Villanova

Click to embiggen

I thought this was settled already, but I'll take it!

Upgrade/Riot Countdown- 13 is For Martel Moody

Safety- 2006-2010
I'm not going to lie, I thought that Martel Moody was going to be a superstar who would end up in the league after he had a tremendous redshirt freshman season in 2007.  That season, he led the team in interceptions, and looked like a genuine ballhawk.  The next two seasons, Moody simply disappeared as he garnered sporadic playing time.  He finally came back and started again this past season and recovered the fumble against Delaware that got Villanova into the playoffs (above), but it leaves me to wonder what he could have been had he developed from where he was as a freshman.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Upgrade/Riot Countdown- 14 is For Ross Ventrone

Safety- 2007-2009

As the younger brother of former Villanova super stud and current Cleveland Browns safety Ray Ventrone, it is only natural that Ross Ventrone ended up on the Main Line.  After playing at Pitt for two seasons as a walk-on and earning little playing time, Ventrone decided to head east to his brother's alma mater in 2007 where he was offered a scholarship and was able to garner immediate playing time.  In his three years as a starter, he was one of the key cogs in a defense that ultimately led Villanova to its first ever national championship.

Although undersized, Ross Ventrone was a strong hitter, an instinctual cover man, and very good in run support.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Dominic Cheek's Answer to The Rumors: He's Staying

Click To Embiggen
From the horses mouth.

VCU Still Didn't Deserve to Make The Tournament

Upsets are fun when they are in the first couple of weekends, but when you have two mid major teams in the Final Four (including one that didn't deserve to make the tournament to begin with,) that translates into something that I am not interested in watching at all.

VCU wasn't good enough to justify selection.  Even after winning 5 consecutive NCAA tournament games, The Rams are still ranked 50th in the KenPom rankings which is still behind several teams that did not make the tournament.  VCU simply benefitted from extreme luck in concert with weak opponents/weak performances from their opponents.

I do not want to take away from the fact that they have made an all time classic tournament run, but I do think that their selection was ultimately one that was without merit.

Upgrade/Riot Countdown- 15 is For Dominic Scarnecchia

Safety/Punter- 2007-Present

For some reason, I love Dominic Scarnecchia.  Maybe it's because he's not just a punter, which I think are a waste of a scholarship and because he's actually an athlete.. I mean look at those arms.  Last season, Scarnecchia averaged more than 40 yards a punt and should only improve as he is still relatively new to this whole punting gig.

Honorable mention: Frank Jankowski

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Attendance Number at The Lacrosse Game: Bullshit

If someone can offer me solid proof that there were 6,300 people at that game yesterday, then I will gladly shut up, but until then I will continue to believe and tell everyone that asks me that there were at least 10,000 people there.  I have never heard of a school that so blatantly misses on their projections of attendance at games as Villanova does.  If there are 12,500 seats at Villanova Stadium and both sides are almost full, doesn't that mean by default that there are more than 6,300 people there? It is disrespectful to the players and coaches of your athletic teams if anything other than the correct number is reported.

Upgrade/Riot Countdown- 16 is For Joe Casamento

Quarterback- 2001-2004

The subject of Joe Casamento is a contentious one of some Villanova fans.  Some fans feel that he was unfairly pushed aside in favor of Marvin Burroughs   Those arguments have a degree of merit, because when Casamento was pulled out of the Villanova lineup, the team began a nosedive that lasted for parts of three seasons.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Upgrade/Riot Countdown- 17 is For Chris Whitney

In The National Championship Game
Quarterback- 2007-2010

Chris Whitney does not hold many Villanova records;  He was not the best athlete to play quarterback at VU; he didn't have the strongest arm; what you can say about Chris Whitney is that he is perhaps the toughest SOB ever to put on a Villanova uniform in any sport.  Usually overshadowed, and never given enough credit for his own accomplishments, Whitney managed to win 34 games, including Villanova's only national championship while losing only ten.  From the moment he stepped in for an injured Antwon Young, all Chris Whitney did was win.

Mazel tov Chris Whitney

Watch Dante Cunningham Stuff KG Last Night

 Here's Dante Cunningham's monster block on Kevin Garnett last night that made SC top plays.

The Cheese Stands Alone

It's all in the game Syracuse.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Villanova-Syracuse Lax Preview

Kevin Cunningham
Editor's Note: I very rarely cover lacrosse, but I do follow the team and go to at least a game a year and preferably more, and this is simply too big of a game for me to ignore.  

Tomorrow at 7PM, the #7 ranked Villanova lacrosse team will host number one ranked #1 Syracuse in what is perhaps the biggest game since the Big East started sponsoring the sport last season. 

Let's start out with the facts:
  1. Villanova has never beaten The Orange in three all time meetings, including a 20-6 destruction last season in the Carrier Dome
  2. Syracuse is 6-0 this season, but they have yet to play an away game.  It seems as if head coach John Desko has learned a little from Jim Boeheim on how to schedule the early season (but Boeheim  would never schedule a good team unless he had to.)
Players to look out for on Villanova-
Brian Karalunas - Leading the nation in turnovers caused, averaging 4.63 per game.  Karalunas also leads the team with 35 ground balls on the season.
Kevin Cunningham- With 13 goals and 20 assists, Cunningham is accounting for 24 percent of the team's points.
Players to look out for on Syracuse-
Everyone.. they're good.

Upgrade/Riot Countdown- 18 is For Chris Boden

Quarterback- 1996-1999

In 1997, Villanova quarterback Chris Boden had what is quite simply the greatest season by a Villanova quarterback in the of the program.  In that magical season, Boden threw for over 3,700 yards and a school record 42 touchdowns for a team that went undefeated in the regular season and ended up finishing 12-1. 

Chris Boden's Villanova career passing records:
  • 10, 146 passing yards
  • 99 passing touchdowns
  • 1,412 passing attempts
  • 868 career touchdowns

Thursday, March 24, 2011

JayVaughn Pinkston Legal Update

JayVaughn Pinkston is scheduled to be arraigned today in The Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas. He has waived his right to attend the hearing and it sounds like he and his attorney are setting the stage for an affirmative defense:
Pinkston had been charged in connection with a dispute with two other students at a party in Upper Merion Township in the early morning hours of Nov. 7.
Police said an argument had broken out among Pinkston and several attendees at the party inside a home. Sources said Pinkston had been locked in a room as a prank before the argument.
Two men eventually sought medical treatment at Bryn Mawr Hospital. Charges were filed against Pinkston following the police investigation. On Dec. 6, Villanova suspended him for the rest of the school year, saying he violated the student code of conduct.
However, Famiglio said, when each of the two alleged victims testified - with the other out of the courtroom - each account of the details of the incident was markedly different.
"I don't think the judge liked that," he said. "We're saying the fight was instigated by these guys."
Also, one of his counts of simple assault has been dropped, leaving him with one count of simple assault and two counts of harassment.


Upgrade/Riot Countdown- 19 is For Kalise Cook

Defensive Back- 2004-2007
The last decent player to wear 19 at Villanova was defensive back Kalise Cook.  After taking over for the injured Ray Ventrone in 2004, Cook would start 22 games at cornerback and safety over three seasons on the main line until injuries ultimately derailed his career.

According to Maalik Wayns, He Isn't Going Pro

click to embiggen

Don't listen to the rumors he says.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Villanova Finally Releases Their 2011 Football Schedule

Seemingly months after the rest of the world, Villanova has finally released their schedule for the 2011 season.  Highlights of the schedule include The Mayor's Cup against Temple, new CAA member Old Dominon, an away game at UMass and The Battle of The Blue at home against Delaware.

Here is The Schedule (Times TBA):

Sept. 1 - at Temple
Sept. 10 - at Towson
Sept. 17 - Monmouth
Sept. 24 - at Penn
Oct. 1 - William & Mary
Oct. 8 - at New Hampshire
Oct. 15 - at James Madison
Oct. 22 - Old Dominion
Oct. 29 - Maine
Nov. 5 - at Massachusetts
Nov. 19 - Delaware

Upgrade/Riot Countdown- 20 is For Brian Westbrook

Running Back- 1997-2001

Despite being hampered by injuries his entire career and missing a season after undergoing reproductive knee surgery, Brian Westbrook is Villanova's career leader in rushing yards and the all time NCAA Division I  leader in all purpose yardage.

Monday, March 21, 2011

I'll Check My Excitement on Daniel Ochefu

Intriguing, but only that
As you already know, Villanova has landed blue chip 2012 recruit Daniel Ochefu.  There is no doubt that this could be a very good thing for the program, but I'm not willing to get excited about it yet.  The fact is that this kid is still a year and a half from stepping foot on campus, and a lot can go wrong between now and then.

Now I'm not saying that every recruit is a criminal, nor am I saying that you're wrong to be excited about a recruit, but I try not to get excited about a player until he suits up for a game at The Pavilion, and it helps keep the anger in check if the kid doesn't pan out, because inevitably only a few players out of each class end up superstars, and the chances of one school batting 1.000 in recruiting are miniscule.

Upgrade/Riot Countdown- 22 is for Angelo Babbaro

With a little more than three weeks remaining until Villanova makes it's decision to go to the Big East/concerned fans incite a riot, I have decided to do an count down by using Villanova Football players who wore the number in question.  Today's number is recently departed running back Angelo Babbaro 

Babbaro was equally adept at running, receiving, and special teams which made him far more valuable than his career ending stat-line.  Originally a backup to Matt Dicken and Aaron Ball respectively, he earned his way onto the field more and more as his career wound on, eventually garnering a virtual 50/50 split between himself and Ball by his senior year.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Villanova's 2010-2011 Season in Crude Slideshow Form

Debriefing: Villanova Failure Edition

Now that the season is over, I can finally say some things that I had wanted to say earlier but held off on in the hopes of a miracle run. To the bullets!
  • This team had absolutely no consistent secondary scoring.  There were four players who could consistently score, but other than that it was dreadful.
  • If I ever see Villanova use the burn offense again, I will destroy something.
  • If I were to put an over/under on wins for next season, it would be 17, because unless a couple of players learn to score or the freshmen are really good they're going to suck.
  • Is it possible that Corey Fisher regressed in his final two seasons?
  • Antonio Pena: big disappointment or epic disappointment? I knew that he was going to miss those free throws at the end of the game.. It was all just too perfect.
  • Dominic Cheek is a prime example of why I don't care about recruiting.  He was projected to be an immediate monster, but all he has to show for it is a few flashes of decent play.
  • Mouph- Step ya game up.
  • JayVaughn Pinkston- Behave yourself.
  • Maurice Sutton- Please transfer.
  • It would be nice to play an actual non conference schedule at some point rather than a bunch of schools for retarded people.
Delete any expectations you have for Villanova next season other than mediocrity.

Time to focus my attention on the football team moving up.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


And that is why March never sucks

Fact's Complete Bracket

Click To Embiggen

My Final Four Picks

It's That Wonderful Time Again
This year I took a fairly stat-based approach to my bracket (KenPom), especially in the first round.  In the games that were tossups, I basically went with my gut/observations of each team.

In the end, my final four looked like this:
  • Ohio State
  • Texas
  • Kansas
  • Florida

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Look at Villanova Quarterback Dustin Thomas

 Dustin Thomas enters spring practice as the only scholarship quarterback on Villanova's roster until 2011 recruits John Robertson and Chris Polony join the team this summer.  This obviously gives Thomas the opportunity to be handed the reins from Chris Whitney without the pressure of having someone breathing down his neck this spring and he should be firmly entrenched by the time that the freshmen arrive.

Dustin Thomas At a glance:
  • At six foot two, Thomas has the requisite height to be a college quarterback, but at 185 pounds, it would serve him well to pack on a few extra pounds for durability's sake.
  •  The all time leader in touchdown passes (69) by a South Jersey quarterback, and second all time in passing yards (5,916), ahead of former Delaware and current Baltimore Ravens signal caller Joe Flacco in both categories.
  • By all accounts, Thomas is a very good athlete (around 4.6 in the 40 yard dash, which is faster than Whitney) so he should be nearly as dangerous with his legs as he is with his arm.
  • In one game last season, Thomas went 1-of-2 passing for six yards and he had four carries for 31 yards.
  • After taking a redshirt last year, Thomas will have four years of eligibility beginning next season. 
 That's it for this, I may have some day one NCAA tournament stuff tomorrow.

Two Conclusions Prior to The George Mason Game

  1. Their students are getting awfully heated this week (presumably because of the upcoming game.)
  2. The Washington Post really needs to find something new to report about in one of the easiest areas of the country to write a newspaper in.

What If Wednesday

Armwood for the win (See game 7 below)

Seeing as there are no tournament games tonight (unless you're a "too good for the Big East" powerhouse like Miami or VTech) here's something to waste your time with and maybe even help you fill out your bracket.

Introducing, (or most likely re-introducing) What If Sports. What If Sports is a simulation website, where you can simulate games between teams from all of the four major sports, college basketball and college football. You can even sim teams from previous years against each other or against current teams. (I'm pretty sure we have talked about this on here before, but I'm bored at work and too lazy to go back and check our previous posts)

Anyway, I decided to sim Friday's match up with George Mason in hopes of predicting the result. Check out all of the simulations and my prediction after the jump.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Villanova Spring Practice Storylines

Due to the losses it incurred this off season, 2011 figures to be a year of transition for the Villanova Football Team.  The losses include 13 starters, notably: Quarterback Chris Whitney, Messiah Wide Receiver Matt Szczur, Running Backs Angelo Babbaro and Aaron Ball, Offensive Lineman Ben Ijalana, and Linebackers Terence Thomas and Marquis Kirkland.

 Here are the Spring Storylines (that i'll be releasing periodically for the next few weeks)
  1. Dustin Thomas' development and his importance on the future of the program.
  2. The offensive backfield without Ball and Babbaro
  3. Replacing Ijalana and Brant Clouser on the Offensive Line.
  4. Linebacker: There will be three new starters at the position next season.
  5. After a down year in the pass rushing department, an analysis of the Defensive Line.
  6. Perhaps more Big East nonsense
And that is it for the night.

Villanova Football's Spring Practice Schedule is Out!

Dustin Thomas: The Future
It's that wonderful time again, spring is in the air, and  The Villanova Football Team is headed back to work to prepare for the 2011 season.
Here's the schedule of practices:
March 14 - 8 a.m.
March 15 - 9 a.m.
March 17 - 9 a.m.
March 18 - 8 a.m.
March 21 - 8 a.m.
March 22 - 9 a.m.
March 24 - 9 a.m.
March 25 - 8 a.m.
March 28 - 8 a.m.
March 29 - 9 a.m.
March 31 - 9 a.m.
April 1 - 8 a.m.
April 4 - 8 a.m.
April 5 - 9 a.m.
April 7 - 9 a.m.

And of course, the first game is Thursday September 1st  at Temple (Not literally "at Temple" because they don't have their own stadium.) Later today (or tomorrow) I'll be back with my spring practice storylines.

Isaiah Armwood's Finest Hour

After this game people were talking about Isaiah Armwood's NBA future. ha!

So are we going to do a tourny pool?

Yeah, we probably should. Someone get on this.

P.s. This might be the worst blog entry I've ever written and there is some stiff competition for that title.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Villanova-George Mason Will Be at 2:10 on Friday

The game will be televised  on TNT.  I'm kind of upset that we don't get a prime time draw, but I'm glad because I'm out of class at 12 on Fridays.

Cleveland Rocks! Villanova is a Nine Seed

The Good news: Villanova is playing against George Mason..
The Bad news: They're playing in Cleveland

Isaiah Armwood With A Shocking Revelation

Calm Down.. Villanova Will Make The NCAA Tournament


Anyone who thinks Villanova is missing the NCAA Tournament needs to get their head checked.  The last time I checked, the season begins in November, not February, so the impressive first few months this team had will be taken into account.  When you add the fact that the field was (needlessly) expanded by three teams, and the fact that this was perhaps the weakest college basketball season in the last decade, there is no reason to worry.

Here are five reasons you shan't worry about Villanova:
  1. No Big East team with 21 wins has ever been shut out of the NCAA Tournament.
  2. They've beaten eight different teams this season that are going to be in the field.
  3. Six wins over RPI top 50 teams and three wins over teams in the RPI top 25.
  4. Despite the blowup in the last month or so, they still are ranked 37 in the RPI.
  5. Villanova is a marketable enough name that the NCAA (which we all know is motivated by money) has every reason to give them a little nudge over a lesser bubble team. 
I'll bring you more later when the brackets are announced.

Friday, March 11, 2011

More Good Signs For Villanova Football

The Future
 Another article came out with some more information.. Here's what it says
“Coach Talley is very much behind this,” said one Villanova source close to the program. “This is like his baby. I can understand why, with the chance to revamp the whole program and all the time he’s put into the program. The fact that he’s won the national title and could make Villanova a winner at the [FBS] level is a big deal to him, and the alumni. It looks like it’s a move they have to make, and with everything they’ve put into the studies and reaching out to the alumni and the area residents, it looks more and more like a move they will make.”
 Along with the "telegraphing of votes" story from a few weeks ago, all indications are positive except for the faculty report, which was mostly penis envy by a bunch of angry academic blowhards.

Make the move.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Why can't we get a McD's All-American guard who's a great shooter?

Oh... my bad

The Big East TV Money Could Be Good.. Very Good

In what has to be viewed as a positive sign, projections for the next Big East TV contract have its value (the current contract expires in 2012) more than doubling in size based on projections from media analysts after the ACC was able to increase their payout from $67MM to $155MM.  The potential value of the contract if it does increase 230% is $460MM (the current contract is worth $200MM.)

Here's some more depth on the situation:
“It’s a seller’s market for major college conference sports content and for major sports content in general,” Westchester, New York-based media consultant Lee Berke said. “If the Big East is able to offer up its programming to a very competitive marketplace that now includes Comcast/NBC, Turner and Fox as well as ESPN, the conference should generate a healthy gain for its next TV deal.”
This has to be the most enticing deal yet.. Villanova could lose out on a substantial wad of cash if they do not take advantage of it.  If this number is even close to accurate, you're looking at an enormous sum of cash that the football teams would stand to gain. 

Pray for a bidding war.

h/t to VUHoops

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Time to Fire Jim Burr and Tim Higgins Immediately

Whenever Jim Burr or Tim Higgins officiates a game, it's a given that there will be at least one bad call.  I'll never forget how Higgins fucked Villanova out of a likely NCAA tournament bid in 2000, or the time that Burr threatened to eject my uncle because he was tired of hearing how all of his calls were wrong.  How these guys still have jobs (in any conference, let alone the best conference in America) is beyond me.  If the fans have known it for decades, then how does the NCAA not know this?  and if they do know, then why have they let these guys work well into their old age?

I feel for Rutgers fans today, and I hope that ultimately the NCAA does the right thing and fires these bums.

Mouph has Bruised Ribs, Shoulder

According to The Nova Blog,  he's out for the season with a broken clavicle, but that turned out to be rumor, then sources are saying that he has a broken rib and a concussion (either injury is bad).  Of course this means that Maurice Sutton is due for increased minutes.

UPDATE 11:21 AM on 3/10:
Now it's just bruised ribs and a bruised shoulder?

Since the injuries are getting progressively less serious, the next rumor will be that he has an abrasion on his shoulder.

Baseball Season, where are you?

I Feel Like Doing This Right Now

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Villanova-USF Prediction Time

Let's see what USF has to offer:
  • A 9-22 overall record.
  • 3-15 in Big East Conference action.
  • Ranked 129 in Ken Pomeroy's computer rankings.
  • KenPom part deux: they're projected to lose 69-59.
  • Has lost eight of their last nine games.
  • An 83-71 loss to Villanova on January 6.
  • Two of their three Big East wins came against DePaul.
  • They shoot under 30 percent from behind the three point line.
My Prediction:
USF 47-Villanova 38


Monday, March 7, 2011

Link Day: VUHoops Charity-Drive and VU is Unranked

Yay Charity!

So today kinda sucks because it's a Monday and my spring break is over... So I bring you Links!

That's it.. I'll be back later in the week.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

An Open Letter To Villanova Faculty

Dear Faculty of Villanova University,

Upon reading the Report of the Faculty Football Survey it was no surprise to me that faculty opinion was overwhelmingly against a potential move to the Big East.  What was a surprise to me was the fact that so many intelligent people uttered such ridiculous and shortsighted arguments against such a move.

Paraphrasing some of these comments made by Faculty:
  • Football is too violent.
  • Football somehow contradicts with Villanova's mission.
  • Football should be dropped entirely.
  • One faculty member went so far as to single out the poor performance of one of the football players they had in their class.
  • Villanova should move to Division III.
  • Athletics have become the "tail that wags the dog"
  • Big time football somehow compromises a school's academic integrity.
Those are just a few of the arguments made against the move that made me feel anywhere from skeptical to outraged (outrage in the case of the professor talking about the individual "linebacker").

I cannot claim that I lack bias in this matter because I have always felt that Big East football would be a tremendous opportunity for Villanova to elevate itself into a national university while also protecting Basketball, which whether the faculty is willing to admit or not is the single most important asset the school has to recruit new students.  One faculty member in favor of the move pointed out how the school's average SAT scores have increased by 200 points since the 1985 NCAA Championship.

Do not get me wrong, strong academics are an integral part of Villanova's identity, but the schools that Villanova considers its peers (Notre Dame and Boston College) prove that strong academics and Catholic values can coexist with a big time football program.  In order to continue growing as a university, Villanova must put its basketball team in the position in which it is least vulnerable to the changing landscape of college athletics, and upgrading football is the most obvious vehicle through which that can happen.

I would simply like to ask the faculty to not completely dismiss such a move, and I would like to remind them that if they do not like the conditions at Villanova, then there are plenty of other institutions of higher education (ones with neither the football nor the national reputation) that would welcome their services.


An Educated Fan Tired of Penis Envy by Academics Directed Toward Intercollegiate Athletics

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Brian Finneran Will Not Be Re-Signed by Falcons, Career Likely Over

Former Villanova wide receiver Brian Finneran has been informed that he will not be resigned by the Atlanta FalconsFinneran, the star of Villanova's 1997 Atlantic 10 championship team (the team went undefeated in the regular season,) holds most of Villanova's career receiving records and to this day is the only receiver to ever win the Walter Payton Award as the national player of the year in Division 1-AA/FCS.  Recently, Finneran battled back to play two full seasons after knee surgeries caused him to miss the entire 2007 and 2008 seasons. 

In 11 seasons with The Falcons, Finneran caught 236 passes for 3,072 yards and 19 touchdowns. 

Kudos on a good career by one of the all time good guys who ever played at Villanova.

Congratulations Temple On Your Scheduling Brilliance

For finally scheduling the Villanova game on a day where there isn't a Phillies home game. You still do suck for scheduling it on a Thursday (and the good bet is on the game starting some time before 7 PM).

Villanova-Temple: Thursday September 1, 2011 at Lincoln Financial Field- Time: TBA