Sunday, March 13, 2011

Calm Down.. Villanova Will Make The NCAA Tournament


Anyone who thinks Villanova is missing the NCAA Tournament needs to get their head checked.  The last time I checked, the season begins in November, not February, so the impressive first few months this team had will be taken into account.  When you add the fact that the field was (needlessly) expanded by three teams, and the fact that this was perhaps the weakest college basketball season in the last decade, there is no reason to worry.

Here are five reasons you shan't worry about Villanova:
  1. No Big East team with 21 wins has ever been shut out of the NCAA Tournament.
  2. They've beaten eight different teams this season that are going to be in the field.
  3. Six wins over RPI top 50 teams and three wins over teams in the RPI top 25.
  4. Despite the blowup in the last month or so, they still are ranked 37 in the RPI.
  5. Villanova is a marketable enough name that the NCAA (which we all know is motivated by money) has every reason to give them a little nudge over a lesser bubble team. 
I'll bring you more later when the brackets are announced.


  1. Not to be a jerk, but Cuse was shut out of the tourney in 06-07 with 21 wins and a 10-6 conference record (thankfully, we made the tourney this year, and rightfully so)

  2. thanks for the clarifiation on that