Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Football Club Taking a Laissez-Faire Approach

An article today in the Philly Daily News suggests that the Villanova football club is not getting too involved in the discussions regarding a move to the Big East.  They generally support the move, but their approach aside from sending a letter seems somewhat limited.

From the article:
The Wildcats are coming off a 3-year run in which they reached the national quarterfinals in 2008, won the championship in 2009 and lost in the semifinals last December. And while Condodina's group favors the move, it wants to see the program continue to do good things regardless of what the trustees determine is the best fit going forward.
"We have sent a letter to the board, last week, voicing our support for the decision," Condodina said. "But our stance is, we're trying not to get too politically involved. We do endorse the move, although what's more important is we endorse the overall success of the football program, whether the decision is I-A or I-AA.
I don't know what can be drawn from this, but I do know that I would like the majority to be of the unsilent type rather than rolling over and accepting whatever decision is made.  The fact is that this should not be a difficult decision as the Big East is undoubtedly a better situation than what Villanova currently has in the CAA, especially with the numbers being thrown around for the new Big East TV contract. If Villanova does not move up it is unacceptable, and the administration should hear that from its stakeholders (fans).

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