Friday, March 11, 2011

More Good Signs For Villanova Football

The Future
 Another article came out with some more information.. Here's what it says
“Coach Talley is very much behind this,” said one Villanova source close to the program. “This is like his baby. I can understand why, with the chance to revamp the whole program and all the time he’s put into the program. The fact that he’s won the national title and could make Villanova a winner at the [FBS] level is a big deal to him, and the alumni. It looks like it’s a move they have to make, and with everything they’ve put into the studies and reaching out to the alumni and the area residents, it looks more and more like a move they will make.”
 Along with the "telegraphing of votes" story from a few weeks ago, all indications are positive except for the faculty report, which was mostly penis envy by a bunch of angry academic blowhards.

Make the move.

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