Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Final Four Picks

It's That Wonderful Time Again
This year I took a fairly stat-based approach to my bracket (KenPom), especially in the first round.  In the games that were tossups, I basically went with my gut/observations of each team.

In the end, my final four looked like this:
  • Ohio State
  • Texas
  • Kansas
  • Florida
 As you may have noticed, of the teams I picked, all of them hold up well in Ken Pomeroy's rankings

Texas slipped down the stretch this season, but I still think that they can make it to the final four based on their body of work, and the fact that they hold up very well in the stats department.  I don't understand why they're a sexy pick to lose in the first round to Oakland.

Wisconsin is a bit of a shot in the dark simply because I have a hard time seeing Pitt make it to the Final Four, but they still have to beat Jimmer BYU, but I really don't like anyone in this bracket.

Kansas- Well I don't have to justify this pick when you combine these two things:
  1. They're really good.
  2. The Alamo Dome will be about 80 percent Kansas fans for the Regionals.
Ohio State- O$U has been the class of college basketball this season.

I must note that these picks are extra serious because I'm actually putting money on them. That is all.

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