Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Time to Fire Jim Burr and Tim Higgins Immediately

Whenever Jim Burr or Tim Higgins officiates a game, it's a given that there will be at least one bad call.  I'll never forget how Higgins fucked Villanova out of a likely NCAA tournament bid in 2000, or the time that Burr threatened to eject my uncle because he was tired of hearing how all of his calls were wrong.  How these guys still have jobs (in any conference, let alone the best conference in America) is beyond me.  If the fans have known it for decades, then how does the NCAA not know this?  and if they do know, then why have they let these guys work well into their old age?

I feel for Rutgers fans today, and I hope that ultimately the NCAA does the right thing and fires these bums.


  1. FACT - You don't know what the fark you're talking about.

    Higgins and Burr are NOT BE refs. They are independent contractors. The BE cannot fire or suspend them. The BE can choose not to hire them for future games.

  2. Hey Anon....the BE can fire them in the manner that they can forbid them from working BE games...forever....or for 1 season if they choose. The NCAA can do the same thing and should. These two egomaniacs have been putting on their own little shows at games for years. Neither of them can even get up and down the court at this point. Why wouldn't they review the video today at a minimum and put time on the clock? Prediction: These two guys won't work anymore BE games and their NCAA year will end after the first weekend...I hope.

  3. whos your uncle?