Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Big East TV Money Could Be Good.. Very Good

In what has to be viewed as a positive sign, projections for the next Big East TV contract have its value (the current contract expires in 2012) more than doubling in size based on projections from media analysts after the ACC was able to increase their payout from $67MM to $155MM.  The potential value of the contract if it does increase 230% is $460MM (the current contract is worth $200MM.)

Here's some more depth on the situation:
“It’s a seller’s market for major college conference sports content and for major sports content in general,” Westchester, New York-based media consultant Lee Berke said. “If the Big East is able to offer up its programming to a very competitive marketplace that now includes Comcast/NBC, Turner and Fox as well as ESPN, the conference should generate a healthy gain for its next TV deal.”
This has to be the most enticing deal yet.. Villanova could lose out on a substantial wad of cash if they do not take advantage of it.  If this number is even close to accurate, you're looking at an enormous sum of cash that the football teams would stand to gain. 

Pray for a bidding war.

h/t to VUHoops

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