Thursday, March 31, 2011

Upgrade/Riot Countdown- 12 is For Kirk Schulz

Quarterback 1986-1989

A 6-3 190 pound four year starter, Kirk Schulz was the second quarterback in the Andy Talley era;  the first quarterback to lead Villanova onto the field against exclusively 1-A competition; and the first quarterback to start a playoff game.

Schulz currently sits at second all-time in career passing yards at Villanova with 9,676, third all time in touchdowns with 74, and third in career total offense with 9,261 yards.  Schulz also holds the single season and career interception marks with his 22 picks in 1989 and the 73 he threw in his career.  At the time of his graduation, he held just about every conceivable passing record in school history (then Chris Boden came along and broke just about all of them). 

However, all of that statistics garbage means very little in very little in this exercise..  I was determined to get Kirk Schulz on this list, and the only reason I spent multiple hours scouring the internet trying to find a picture of him is the fact that he and my uncle were teammates.

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