Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Villanova-USF Prediction Time

Let's see what USF has to offer:
  • A 9-22 overall record.
  • 3-15 in Big East Conference action.
  • Ranked 129 in Ken Pomeroy's computer rankings.
  • KenPom part deux: they're projected to lose 69-59.
  • Has lost eight of their last nine games.
  • An 83-71 loss to Villanova on January 6.
  • Two of their three Big East wins came against DePaul.
  • They shoot under 30 percent from behind the three point line.
My Prediction:
USF 47-Villanova 38



  1. hahahaha!!!! Actually, I'm laughing AND crying a the same time. It actually could happen...sick...

  2. I feel like I'm watching Steve Lappas all over again, Jay doesn't have a clue what to do now that everyone can guard the high screen and roll. Especially since they never pass to the screener.

    Watching Pena and Yarou roam around the court without a clue is an indication of a total lack of coaching. Add in the fact that the sophomore class gets worse every game and you gotta think Jay should go back to Hofstra.