Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What If Wednesday

Armwood for the win (See game 7 below)

Seeing as there are no tournament games tonight (unless you're a "too good for the Big East" powerhouse like Miami or VTech) here's something to waste your time with and maybe even help you fill out your bracket.

Introducing, (or most likely re-introducing) What If Sports. What If Sports is a simulation website, where you can simulate games between teams from all of the four major sports, college basketball and college football. You can even sim teams from previous years against each other or against current teams. (I'm pretty sure we have talked about this on here before, but I'm bored at work and too lazy to go back and check our previous posts)

Anyway, I decided to sim Friday's match up with George Mason in hopes of predicting the result. Check out all of the simulations and my prediction after the jump.

I was only going to sim a couple of games, but after 5 I said fuck it and decided to sim 10 games on a neutral court between Villanova and George Mason. Here are the results:

Game 1 - Villanova 70 - George Mason 49: Maalik leads us with 19 pts and Jay thinks this game is in hand enough to throw the walk-ons in for 3 mins, in which Ouano gets a steal and Wooten makes one ofe two from the line.

Game 2 - Villanova 70 - George Mason 65: Our shooting is abysmal, but George Mason fouls us 25 times and we go 32-39 at the line. Maalik leads the way once again, this time with 22. Our defense allows significantly more points allowing the Patriots to keep it close, and therefore, keeping the Ouano and Wooten off the score sheet. Mouph fouls out.

Game 3 - George Mason 78 - Villanova 60: Ryan Pearson leads George Mason with 19 as Villanova gets sloppy, turning the ball over 17 times and giving up 21 pts on free throws. Cheek tries to save us hitting 4 of 5 from 3pt range, but its nto enough. Jay throws in the towel and the walk-ons with 4 minutes left on the clock.

Game4 - Villanova 74 - George Mason 65: Corey Fisher and Maalik Wayns lead the way for the 'Cats with 22 and 21 pts respectively. Our shooters come alive and hit 8 three pointers George Mason tries to keep pace, but winds up going 4-15 from behind the arc.

Game 5 - Villanova 70 - George Mason 69: The Coreys lead the way (Fisher 18pts, Stokes 17pts) each with three 3-pointers, as Villanova storms back late in the second half, but Isaiah Armwood is the hero once again, hitting a would be three at the buzzer, but his foot is on the line. Unfortunately for George Mason, Corey Fisher was teaching the Patriots how to guard on the perimiter before the game and Armwood is fouled in the process. He hits the free throw with no time on the clock and Nova moves on.

Game 6 - Villanova 66 - George Mason 54: Fish leads the way with 23 as the 'Cats shoot nearly 50% from the field. Nova Nation has a renewed confidence heading into our matchup with Ohio State.

Game 7 - Villanova 70 - George Mason 69: Villanova shoots poorly and has to once again rely on the heroics of Isaiah Armwood. With 6 seconds left on the clock and Villanova down by 1, George Mason inbounds the ball right to an inexplicably wide open Luke Hancock directly under the basket and all looks lost for the 'Cats; but Isaiah Armwood comes out of no where to cleanly swat Footpenis's layup (his 8th block of the night) and takes the ball the length of the court, laying it in for the win. In the post-game press conference Jay Wright explains how they had perfected that play in practice.

Game 8 - Villanova 73 - George Mason 67: Maalik Wayns leads the 'Cats with 20 and Antonio Pena quietly puts up a double-double as the Villanova comes out on top by 6.

Game 9 - Villanova 72 - George Mason 64: Nova has a decent shooting game. Fish controls the game and goes 8-9 from the line, hits two 3's and scores 18 total, as he finally plays the way he should and leads the 'Cats to victory.

Game 10 - Villanova 73 - George Mason 63: Villanova shoots lights out going 52% from the field and 61.5% from 3-pt range thanks to a hell of a game from Corey Stokes who went 5-8 from behind the arc for 15 of his game high 20 points. With the team shooting like this, Nova Nation is given new hope and people ask what 5 game losing streak?

Well there you have it. What If Sports is predicting Villanova to win 9 out of 10 times. With those results I may have to retract my tweet from the other night.

And in reality I think we will win. I know we've been playing like shit and we honestly never know what team is going to show up game to game, but at the same time, the Big East can play tricks on you, we may not actually be as bad as the last few weeks have shown (although we very well may just be that bad). Here's to hoping we turn it around. GO UT SAN ANTONIO/ALABAMA STATE!!

My prediction: Villanova 70 - George Mason 64

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