Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Andy Talley on KYW Radio Yesterday

Andy Talley was on the radio yesterday, and a few things he said piqued my interest.
  1. He specifically mentioned that Christian Culicerto and Dustin Thomas are in a battle for the starting quarterback spot. Maybe this is just giving a loyal reserve like Culicerto a chance to compete, but reading into it a little deeper, you could be a little concerned about what the staff thinks about Thomas and his ability to lead the offense.
  2. He sounds excited about the receiving corps in the upcoming season.  I am excited as well with the likes of Norman White, Dorian Wells, Mikey Reynolds, Joe Price, Kenny Miles and freshman Corey Reeder.
  3. The depth of the offensive line is of major concern despite the fact that three starters from last year are returning. That tends to happen when you people like Ben Ijalana and Brant Clouser.
  4. He seems to think the defensive line is going to be good, and I agree with him, because losing Marlon Johnson so early last year was a big blow to an already inexperienced line.
  5. No Major injuries this spring.
  6. No mention of the Big East.
Click the link above and listen to the interview in its entirety if you're as starved for football as I am.


  1. i think its more of a competition than you think. christian isnt playing baseball this semester, choosing to focus on football and from what i hear dustin hasnt shown much in spring ball. this might all be moot once chris polony steps on campus though...

  2. so they're that high on Polony, huh?