Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An article that hits the nail on the head re: Villanova v. Big East

In an article posted last night, Joseph Santoliquito from Patch Media rightly places the blame squarely on the shoulders of the Big East.  Among other things he notes that it was not Villanova who approached the Big East, but the converse.

Santoliquito is skeptical as to the underlying motivations of the three schools that are believed to be the ones obstructing such a move:

"There are some Big East schools that aren’t bubbling with enthusiasm over the prospect of Villanova entering the Big East. Rutgers, Pittsburgh and West Virginia are allegedly the schools in the way. There have been reported concerns about how a small school like Villanova, relatively speaking to West Virginia, Rutgers and Pitt, actually benefits the league. But another more serious underlying issue is that Villanova will be tapping into some of the fertile high school recruiting grounds in Southeastern Pennsylvania, and the Delaware Valley area that currently being mined by that trio of Big East schools."
 Getting down to specifics:  
Pottsgrove High School standout Terrell Chestnut is a classic example. The prized senior defensive back originally gave a verbal commitment to Pittsburgh, but when the school fired football coach Dave Wannstedt, Chestnut changed his mind. Once it was made public Chestnut was available again, Villanova showed interest, but West Virginia, Chestnut’s second choice originally, won out this time.
So as you can see through reading that article, Villanova was the one being pursued, not the other way around, and because of that it's pretty easy to draw the conclusion that the Big East should garner at least the majority of the blame.  Something that is encouraging about this article is the fact that with very few exceptions, the Philly media is firmly in Villanova's corner.


  1. The Philly media knows that having a BCS football school in the region will help them out too. Big time college football not only sells tickets, it generates demand for the media that covers it. They are hoping for a spike in newspaper sales and ad revenue

  2. yeah, but they can do that if they cover penn state. also, they're generally anti-Villanova

  3. Great article. I enjoy how candid this blog is, compared to the pompous assholes at VUHoops and their misinterpretation of the facts.