Friday, April 22, 2011

Finally.. a reason to visit Providence

Jamine Peterson, a former Providence forward who has left the program, has revealed that he did so in order to avoid disciplinary action for arranging sex acts for recruits visiting the school.

Says Peterson:
"(Providence coaches) would tell us to have a good time but be careful and stay out of trouble. They knew we were going to show him some love with a female."
He also implied that this wasn't a new phenomenon:
"I was doing what they did to me when I was in the recruiting process," said Peterson. "Every time a recruit visits, the coaches would ask us if we can take them out and show them a good time."
Peterson on the willingness of one particular jersey chaser to help the cause:
That's exactly what Peterson did. He called a female who the Providence players called numerous times to perform oral sex on recruits. According to Peterson, "She always says that's her hobby. That's what she likes to do. She wants to be a porn star."

How many recruits does Peterson recall her performing oral sex on? "Let's just say she's in double figures."
I'd like to say that I'm surprised by Peterson's revelations, but as you can see in this screen capture from a certain Spike Lee film, these types of accommodations for recruits are nothing new. 

See.. It Happens Everywhere

And to think.. All Bruce Pearl did was make a few impermissible phone calls and take a couple kids to a barbecue at his house.

Finally, Cam'ron offers his comment:

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  1. Hate to break this Fact but this is old news in Rhode Island. What's even funnier is that he didn't just arrange to get some recruits' nobs shined(no homo).

    As the chaperone for the afternoon Greedy provided a bunch of 15 year old AAU players from Boston with weed, liquor, and white women because he thought they had already been eliminated from the tournament they were playing in RI. The shit really hit the fan when their coach called wondering where his players were.