Thursday, April 7, 2011

Upgrade Fodder: As of right now, Villanova has the votes for a Big East move

My colleague Brian over at have been doing some serious sleuthing, and they've been able to dig up some gold. In a recent piece entitled "what to expect when you're expecting (a decision)," Brian laid out what progress has been made including a startling revelation that

"A source close to the situation has relayed to VUhoops that the trustees in favor of this move currently have enough votes for the measure to pass on Tuesday."

Now VUHoops doesn't post just any rumor that they see as they have journalistic integrity (unlike us) and given the fact that they have cred in the national media, this report should not be taken lightly.  However, as the article states, Father Peter's recommendation to the board hasn't yet been made and could carry a lot of weight with the trustees.  There is also the matter of the strong dissent from the faculty, which won't ever be resolved until Villanova drops athletics altogether. 

All in all, this report is reason to be cautiously optimistic, but the situation remains fluid until next Tuesday when the vote comes down.

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