Sunday, April 10, 2011

Upgrade/Riot Countdown- ? is For Big East Sandbagging

Today's countdown is sponsored by The Riddler because the Big East apparently just threw a wrench in Villanova's plans.

Time to burn Big East headquarters to the ground.


  1. far back as early February, Pitt voiced "concern" with the use of PPL by Villanova for BE football games because of the limited seating. PPL would be the smallest stadium in the BE (although not it the NCAA). Options included using the Linc (under contract with Temple until 2017 and unlikely it could handle to colleges and the Eagles each season), Franklin Field (iffy), and CBP which isn't available until November. I am sure everyone knows Radnor would never approve a stadium or an enlargement of the current facility even if there were available land. Further, Pitt was also not totally on board with the financial waivers the BE was going to give VU to join.

    The smaller stadium would be an ok start, but it's all about MONEY. The other schools don't want to play in a small venue and continued use of something small could potentially hurt our recruitment potential.

    The Board of Trustees are in a pickle. They can't raise the money for a stadium/stadium deal without the commitment of the BE and those waivers. The BE and its current members are not jumping on the commitment without a stadium.

    The BE didn't "just through a wrench in Villanova's plans." This has been brewing for years because the stadium has always and will always be an issue. The issue has just caught up to us.

  2. it doesn't matter.. they still shouldn't wait until the 11th hour to allay their concerns.