Monday, April 4, 2011

Why is Butler Getting so Much Credit?

All day on ESPN, I've been hearing about how Butler is going to beat UConn; including the majority of the country picking Butler to win on a dot com poll.  What I haven't seen is a logical justification as to why Butler will win.  One of the explanations I heard was how Butler's interior scoring will be very difficult to stop.  That argument does nothing for me because UConn's greatest strength other than Kemba Walker is their superlative interior defense.  The fact is that UConn is going to be bigger, faster, and stronger than Butler and while Brad Stevens is a very good coach, so is Jim Calhoun.  I'll give credit to Butler for getting this far, but it isn't like they had to face a buzz saw of a tournament schedule to get where they are right now.

Now I'm not going to be foolish enough to categorically dismiss Butler, because anything can happen on a given night, but I don't think I'll believe that Butler can beat UConn until I receive a logical explanation as to why, or until I turn on the TV tonight and find a reason myself.

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