Friday, May 20, 2011

Anyone Who Thinks Temple Can Get Into The Big East is Delusional

A response to this "article". This is about as good as "Bernard Pierce For Heisman".

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  1. This makes no sense to me. My understanding was that the Big East Conference's priorities were as follows:

    (1) Decide whether to invite Villanova (formally)
    (2) If no Villanova, decide who else to invite, and whether that invite will be all-sports or football-only

    So who the hell has the authority to go straight to BYU and offer a football-only membership? And how did this not make any waves? No one important seemed to care (i.e., only Temple). I saw this as a big deal because it shows how far the Big East is willing to go: if the conference is willing to look at Provo, Utah, then what's to say they won't look 380 miles up the road to Boise, Idaho. Everyone knows Boise State would take a football-only invite to a FBS AQ conference.

    But maybe I'm just not seeing the big picture here.