Monday, May 23, 2011

Big East Coaches Say They Want Expansion, But Are "Meh" About Villanova

So once again, people in the Big East are torn about Villanova. This time, based on an anonymous poll by, it's the coaches that haven't reached a consensus.

The questions:

1. Do you favor Villanova as a football member?
Yes: 2½ votes
No: 2½ votes
No opinion: 3 votes

2. If Villanova becomes the 10th member, do you want to stay at 10 or go to 12 members? If 12, which two schools would you add?
Go to 12 schools: 5 votes
Stay at 10: 2 votes
No opinion: 1 vote

3. If Villanova is not added, do you want to stay at nine members or still get to 10 schools? If 10, which school would you add?
Add a 10th member: five votes
Stay at nine: three votes

PPL Park is again being raised as an issue:
Last month the school appeared ready to announce they would make the jump to the Big East only to have the Big East pull the invitation because of concerns about the Wildcats' stadium situation.
Villanova can't expand its on-campus stadium so the Wildcats are looking into playing off campus at PPL Park, home of the Philadelphia Union's soccer team. The stadium seats 18,500 and Big East sources said it's no secret the league does not want to play in a stadium that small. PPL Park would have to be expanded to satisfy the Big East -- and still that might not be enough.
One coach said he would not favor Villanova if it plays in an expanded soccer stadium but said he would favor the Wildcats if they played their home games at Lincoln Financial Field, home of the Philadelphia Eagles and Temple. However, that's not likely since the Owls have an exclusivity contract, blocking Villanova from playing there.
 My solution: Franklin Field.

Once again, Villanova has made zero progress, and the Big East seems to be in some serious disagreement amongst its members, which actually bodes fairly well for VU.

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