Thursday, May 26, 2011

Boston Globe: Big East Vote Was 5-3 In Villanova's Favor

It's official, at least according to the Boston Globe. Some speculation was that it was a majority of schools against Villanova, but that doesn't seem to be the case. It just seems that Villanova didn't have the super majority needed to get into the Big East. The article is mostly about the power struggle in the conference, but Villanova is definitely a key part of that.

An Excerpt:

According to several sources within the league, there has been an ongoing internal debate among Big East commissioner John Marinatto and a core group of presidents and athletic directors.
The power struggle is football-driven, led by athletic directors at West Virginia, Pittsburgh, and Rutgers, and the presidents at West Virginia and Pittsburgh. The three schools flexed their muscles when Villanova was being considered as the 10th team in football last month. To get approval, Villanova needed six of the eight Big East votes. The vote was 5-3.
The internal bickering and bargaining has been intense, with Pittsburgh AD Steve Peterson and Rutgers AD Tim Pernetti having the loudest voices in the room but different agendas. Pernetti has argued the hardest for the bigger formula, i.e. 12 teams in football, 19 or 20 in basketball.
Outwardly, the Big East has tried to put on a “we are family’’ face. It’s not working.
Who is to blame? Maybe everyone.
 So again, it's Rutgers (NJ), West Virginia, and Pitt who are the obstructors.  Again I must point out that these are the three schools with the biggest collective egos and the three schools that stand to lose the most if Villanova is competitive. Read into that as you will, but it seems that Villanova has just enough support that they may be able to be strong armed into this.

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