Sunday, May 15, 2011

Denver Goalie Stands On His Head, Officials Can't Get Off Their Knees.. Villanova Loses

Villanova loses 13-10.

My Reaction:
  • The officials served up some ridiculous home cooking on this one. Denver got good enough goaltending to win, but they were aided by the fact that the officials didn't call a penalty in Villanova's favor until the game was out of reach.
  • I hate to trash a student athlete, (especially one that probably isn't on scholarship,) but Villanova needs better play from its goalie next year. Billy Hurley was pretty "meh", even if he has an awesome bow tie.
  • Where can Villanova find some Canadians?
  • After Villanova went up by three at the beginning of the second half, I thought this was just about over. I was wrong.
  • Fuck ESPN for forcing me to watch the first half on ESPN3.
  • There was a really obnoxious guy close to the field mike who was yelling some obscenities. Again, good job ESPN.
  • The commentary team did a terrible job of pointing out the officiating was atrocious. There was some innuendo, but those officials needed to be held accountable for the novice.
  • Brian Karalunas was rendered useless because whenever he did anything physical, a flag was thrown.
Today's old school rap song is Fight The Power by Public Enemy (for obvious reasons)

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