Monday, May 9, 2011

Finally Some News About The Villanova Football Situation (It Isn't Much)

 According to Mike Jensen of The Philadelphia Inquirer a decision isn't imminent.

Says Jensen:
"Do not expect a decision this month from the Big East about whether to allow Villanova to upgrade its football program. Do not be surprised if this drags into the summer. If Villanova makes the move up, the timetable probably will be moved back by a year.
So what's going on? It appears that a number of the Big East's football schools aren't sure what they want their league to look like. Would adding 'Nova as a 10th team be enough for a while? Would adding 'Nova and two others - Central Florida and Houston are popular rumored additions - be the better option? Is 'Nova the right choice at all? These decisions are not going to be made in the next three weeks, I'm told. That means the three-year timetable to move up, an aggressive one under the best of circumstances, isn't likely.
We're also told this is not some interim step toward turning Villanova down. (Although that obviously could still happen; it just hasn't happened yet.) Some people believe that if the league takes only one new member, Villanova still has the best shot at being that school. So why doesn't the Big East simply add one school now anWd decide about adding more in the months ahead? Answer: Let's assume that league officials realize that the Big East hasn't exactly covered itself in glory for the way this whole episode has been handled.
Well that's just fucking grand, I think I'll throw a party now that I know all of these  blockbuster details.

He goes on to say that Villanova is still in discussions with The Union about PPL Park blah blah blah.

So let me break this down:
  • What We've Learned- Nothing. Until John Marinatto someone goes on the record and clears this mess up, we know absolutely NOTHING.
  •  What We Don't Know- Just about everything that is relevant to this situation.
  • What's To Come- Months and months more of this stupid fucking charade, and continued photoshop creations, (courtesy of me,) portraying Oliver Luck as a bigot.
  • What I'll Need When This is Over- A cigarette.

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